About Alcohol Explained

Alcohol Explained explains alcohol and specifically how it affects human beings, from those first experimental drinks right up to chronic alcoholism. In doing so it also covers the process of addiction generally.




Is Alcohol Explained a guide to stopping drinking?


Alcohol Explained is a detailed explanation of alcohol and alcoholism, it is intended for anyone who drinks, not just those who consider they have an alcohol problem. However it is the case that to defeat any addiction you must firstly fully understand it. So in addition to providing a full explanation of alcohol it also provides a detailed guide to the best way of quitting.




I need to stop drinking. How can Alcohol Explained help me?


As with anything in life if you want to master it you must firstly fully understand it. Alcohol Explained will provide you with this understanding.




I am a casual drinker and have no concerns about my drinking. Why would I need to read this book?


Any drinker, no matter how infrequent or constrained, has made a decision to imbibe alcoholic drinks. The first rule when looking to make any decision is to obtain as much information as you can so your decision can be as informed as possible. This book provides all the relevant information about alcohol as it effects human beings. If you drink you need to be aware of these facts so that you can make sure you are comfortable that your decision to drink is the correct one.




Is Alcohol Explained a spiritual text?


No. It is entirely logical and is based on fact and common sense.




Is Alcohol Explained an overtly scientific book?


No, despite being scientific and factual in nature the book is presented in an accessible and easily understandable format. It is targeted at the layperson, not the scientist.




I don’t know if I have a drinking problem or not. Can Alcohol Explained help?


Yes. It includes details of the lifespan of the stages of alcoholism, from those first drinks right through to chronic alcoholism. You will then be able to determine exactly where you are within this overall process.




How can I obtain a copy of the book?


The book is available in paperback and on kindle and can be purchased through Amazon. Please see the ‘Buy’ section.